High quality vape coils

Is your e-liquid not tasting, right? If you get the slight hint of a burnt cotton taste when you vape and the clouds have noticeably gone smaller, your coil will need replacing. The coil is the heating element that transforms your e-liquid into vapor. We stock a wide range of different coils for vape tanks, so don’t worry about finding a replacement. You are probably wondering what makes a coil taste bad, it’s always the cotton that causes the dreaded taste. This can happen if you haven’t primed your coils or continued to vape when there is no e-liquid left in your tank. The average coil lifespan for a causal vapor is around 2-3 weeks before the performance starts degrading.

Coils come in different ohms. The lower the ohm the less electrical resistance, therefore it’s going to take more power from the battery. Therefore, sub ohm coils that are under 1.0 Ohm produce big clouds and intensive flavour. But remember low ohm coils will take up more battery power and consume e-liquid.

When you purchase a new coil from vaperised.com, you will need to ensure that you prime the coil before use. You want the fresh cotton to be soaked with e-liquid before you are using it, if you don’t you can risk the coil tasting burnt. It is very simple and quick to prime one of our brand-new coils. When you screw the new coil into the base of the vape tank, pour a few drops of e-juice into the wicking holes and into the centre. Then ensure the vape tank is fully topped up and is sitting upright for at least 20 minutes before us. Doing this for the first time, will increase the lifespan of the coil and will guarantee that you get the full flavour from using our delicious e-liquid.


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