RDA and Tanks

The main component that determines the cloud output and flavour from your e-liquid is the tank. We sell a vast range of clearomizers tanks and RDA dripper tanks, to suit the clouds chaser or the moderate type of vapor. If you are after something big or small, we will have something to match your expectations. When choosing the tank, it’s important to make the right decision.

The number of coils inside the vape tank, make the most difference in terms of cloud production and flavour. Usually, the more the better because there is more surface area to heat up the e-liquid and it can also handle more power. You want dual or quad coil compatible tanks if you are into cloud chasing. If you want more of an efficient vape that doesn’t fill up the room with fog, then a single coil tank setup would be more ideal.

The ohms of the coils also have a reflection on performance, the lower it is the more clouds it is going to put out. It is also ideal to be aware of the ML capacity of how much e-liquid the vape tank can hold. This can help you decide if the vape tank is big or small depending on the setup you want to create. The benefit you will get from a larger tank is that it can hold more, so it means you won’t always be filling up.

The main difference between a clearomizers tank and a RDA dripper is that you must build your own coils out of bear metal and cotton. There is also no glass tank to hold your e-liquid so you must always drip after three to four vapes on RDA. Even though an RDA dripper may sound inconvenient, it provides noticeably better flavour and clouds. If you are the sort of person that is always good at fixing things, then the RDA is something you will find fascinating to play around with.


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