Vaping Accessories

Vaping accessories are always required at some point to allow you to continue with your perfect vaping experience. Sometimes the very small things can become more important that the common things such as the tank and vape mod, such as replacement batteries or even a new glass. All accessories provided on are provided by leading manufacturers to ensure you get the best possible quality and price. We cover a wide range of common accessories that you might find useful at some point.

If you are building your own custom coils you will need kanthal wire and cotton to get started. We provide the best prices and high quality wire to ensure you get the best performance and flavour from your custom coils. If you don’t fancy building your own coils, you can try some of our premade coils that are already in the coil figure prewrapped for you. All you need to do is literally screw them into your RDA mod. We also sell a wide range of DIY tool kits that contain all the fancy bits and bobs to help make coil building easier for you.

Batteries are also important for any vape mod. We only provide genuine authenticate 18650 batteries provided by reputable manufactures such as Samsung and Sony. Fake batteries are something we don’t condone, they are unreliable and certainly unsafe. Readily available in different mAh from 2000 to 3000 to suit your difference vaping preferences. All batteries will come safely packed to ensure maximum quality in our products. To go with your batteries, we have a dedicated section just on separate external charges. This allows you charge the batteries without using the vape mod providing a faster and safer charge.

We our unique vaping accessories page, you will find something to purchase to help improve your vaping experiences.

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