Vape mod

Looking for a new vape mod? We provide a variety in all different shapes and sizes to suit every style of vaping out there. Vape mods are the main component for proving power to your tank. If you have an underpowered tank, it will not deliver the flavour and clouds it was made for. Regulated mods that we sell on provide a safe vaping experience, including overheating and shortage protection. We sell vape mods with both built in batteries and switchable 18650 batteries.

The very basic vape mods that we sell start with a fire button and a battery. The more advance box style looking ones come with a screen, variable wattage mode, temperature control and multiple 18650 batteries. What temperature control does is maximise the flavour from your e-liquid and how hot or cold your vapor tastes. Please keep in mind you will also need a compatible tank and coil to make use of this practical feature that are also sold on The watts determine the max output that can be delivered to the tank. You don’t always have to make the full use of the max power, but it’s always good to that extra head room for sub ohm tanks.

All the vape mods sold on our website come with standard 510 threaded connectors. This allows you to easily switch between different clearomizers and RDAs, so you are not just limited using just one tank. Most vape mods are literally plug and play. Simply plug it into the USB mains wall adapter to charge. However, with multiple 18650 battery mods that are over 200 watts, its recommend to purchase a separate battery charger as it provides faster charging.

If you are after a cloud chasing setup that puts out crazy clouds or want something small that fits perfect in your pocket, we will have something for you to suit your requirements. Lots of funky colours to pick from to suit your style of vaping to match your tank and trend.




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