What is vaping?

What is vaping

You might have seen some cooling looking guys blowing clouds of smoke outside with you on your cig work break. This is called vaping, a safer alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. Vaping has grown rapidly over the years and helped millions of smokers quit smoking tobacco. I will explain to you briefly how it works and the health benefits you will gain from it.

To vape, you will need a vape tank, eliquid and battery powered mod to get you setup. The vape tank stores the e-liquid inside and transforms it into vapour when you press the fire button. The coil inside heats up the e-juice at a certain temperature, making it into smoke able vapour, as you can see the science behind it is simple to say the least. Vape juice contains two main ingredients PG and VG, which is food grade with a slight combination of added nicotine to give you the same fix as smoking regular cigarettes.

As you can tell, there is nothing burning like with having a real cig, so no tar or thousands of nasty added chemicals will be going into your body. Vaping is 100% tobacco free and all you are literally inhaling is water vapor produced by an electrical device, so it doesn’t sound bad at all. A real life scientific study carried out by the Public Health England said that vaping is 95% less harmful that smoking.

However, even though yet there is no real actual concrete evidence to support the fact that vaping is as safer alternative to smoking, we all know it sure is. Making the switch right away, you will notice that your breathing has improved and you can taste food better. You will notice immediately the benefits of vaping and so will your friends.

Hope this has clarified your confusion with what vaping actually is. If you are considering vaping, then head over to vaperised.com and check out our cool starter kits. You will find something on our website that you will find useful to stop smoking. Another bonus with considering vaping is that you are not just restricted to vaping one boring flavour. Vaperised.com stock a variety of high quality e-liquid flavours to suit your taste buds, from juicy fruits to strawberry menthol, you will love vaping more than you think.

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